Endodontics, a way to soothe severe pain in your teeth

It consists of the removal of the dental pulp and the subsequent filling and sealing of the pulp cavity with a material called gutta-percha in order to maintain the teeth in the mouth and their functionality.

It is applied in fractured dental pieces, with deep caries that present lesions in their pulp tissue known as pulpitis. This is irreversible and the only therapeutic option is the total removal of the dental pulp and the three-dimensional filling of the dental canal. Pulpitis is frequently caused by deep dental caries that reach the dental pulp and produce infection in it, causing continuous and permanent pain that increases with cold, hot stimuli, sweet or acidic foods.

If a tooth has suffered trauma and has changed color, this indicates that it has lost vitality in its internal part, which is commonly known as a dead “nerve”. This process causes the infection of the internal part of the tooth extending to the tip of the root, often creating a cyst or granuloma, to remove it is necessary to perform an apicoectomy.

Apicoectomy is a small procedure performed through the gum to access and cut the tip of the affected tooth, surgically removing the cyst and sealing the root with different materials. Finally, the area is sutured and allowed time to complete healing.

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