Tratamientos de regeneración plasma rico en plaquetas (prp), factores de crecimiento y bioestimulación

Regeneration treatments: platelet-rich plasma (prp), growth factors and biostimulation.

It is used for its modulating and stimulating properties for the proliferation of cells derived from stem cells of mesenchymal origin (mainly fibroblasts, osteoblasts, endothelial cells, epithelial cells, adipoblasts, myocytes, and chondrocytes), and as a useful auxiliary element to improve tissue regeneration. PRP was initially used in certain surgical specialties to improve the healing of iatrogenic wounds and recalcitrant wounds. But its current applications extend beyond its use for surgical wound repair and regeneration of lost tissue, and PRP has become popular in other branches of medicine. In the field of aesthetic medicine, PRP is mainly used for its role in skin fibroblast biostimulation and as a biopotentiator of adipose tissue filler treatments. It is a novel aesthetic tool, with numerous studies carried out and many others underway to establish the properties and indications of this preparation capable of improving the characteristics of a large number of cells in our body.

The regeneration of hard tissues and soft takes place through a complex of events at the cellular and molecular level that are regulated by signal proteins, in a biological process that, at present, has not yet been fully characterized, but in which the platelets play a major and decisive role.

Its benefits in healing:

Necrotic tissue is removed and replaced by living tissue, which is specific to each tissue environment (bone, cartilage, fibrous tissue). We have described numerous clinical applications of platelet-rich plasma, mainly for ulcers, maxillofacial surgery, and spinal surgery.

Remodeling is characterized by the reorganization and adaptation of the new tissue generated to resemble as closely as possible the original tissue. The changes produced include a reduction in cell density and vascularity.

Tissue regeneration . Guided tissue regeneration or GTR is a periodontal technique that restores bone, cementum and periodontal ligament to their original levels, before they were damaged by periodontal disease.

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